Latest SOS-NEWS Video

Alan Jones interviews journalist Piers Akerman over the February 2012 release of documents delivered to all Australian senators, who now cannot say they were unaware, revealing the Queensland Labor Government cover-up of the 1992 retired magistrate Oscar Hiener inquiry into a juvenile Aboriginal girl being gang raped while in custody at a Brisbane Youth Detention Centre.

The labor government within weeks of the inquiry receiving power to perform, shut it down.

This involved not only the government, but police and right up to the Governor General, Quentin Bryce (a lawyer), now Australian Governor General.


Scientist/farmer Noeline Franklin dumps the Green’s mythology of grazing cattle destroying frogs, etc, in National Parks that mega-fauna grazing stimulated thousands of years ago as cattle did until government removed the prisine public land our farmjetrs nurtured for some 200 years that is now and environmental destruction by MYTH-management … 


Investigator “Brumbyy” (with2y’s) exposes the Colong Foundation and their activist CEO Keith Muir who still in 2011 condones anmd promotes shooting of our national heritage horse “The Brunby”, after the discusting slaughter in 2000 at Guy Fawkes National Park NSW, by government departnments and the white washing by RSPCA-NSW.

Brumbyy is an investigator with SOS-NEWS for the past 10 years, also in private practice for over 30 years. His coverage and pictures are featured in the video of events exposing the real rally organised under labor party driven and public service funded on your taxpayer dollars …

Why are the radical greens engineering facts for government support and financing the extermination of Australias herritage horse – “THE BRUMBY”???
Credit to the video maker – Crystal Rasmus, who did a great job on this presentation.