Dodgy Queensland Electoral Commissioner removes Katter name

The Queensland Electoral Commission, long tainted with corruption allegations has again shown its true colours by dropping the Katter name from Katters Australian Party on two million ballot papers..

An application has been made to the Supreme Court to have the Katter name reinstated.

Last year, amid some controversy the Australian Party applied to have the name registered as a political party. The Electoral Commission refused saying the Australian Party name was too similar to other registered parties.

As a result Katters Australian Party was registered by the Commission.
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Australia- Here are some facts about China

Governments elected in Australia must run their term with no recourse when they sell out the country. Viewing the demise of this nation by corruption, incompetence, greed, and 100% unaccountability under decades of the two party system dictatorship, Australians are wakening to their tradgic political party faithful support now feeling the pinch of reality trhat the days are numbered by license given to our out of control politicians

Politicians not requiring accreditation for the job of running the nation, are given power by the people vote to dictate until next polling day.

This video shows hard facts how the Gillard Government carbon tax on 22 million Australians [of which 50% are non productive on government payrolls], will change the world.

Only so many rolls of the dice before Australia’s bankroll is lost – awaiting  the new owners to issue that “Little Red Book” we then must live by.

COLONG FOUNDATION – Slaughter Herritage Horses

Keith Muir, well known agenda engineer activist pushing the Colong Foundation greenie and government funded fiction manufacture group, still wants our Australian heritage horse – “THE BRUMBY”  to be slaughtered.  He wants helicopter gun ships across National Parks and Forests to repeat the 2000 Guy Fawkes slaughter of some 260 Brumbies left to die from horrific gunshot wounds set in place by Muir’s obsession to eradicate this national icon … Hear Brumbyy (with2y’s) deliver his comments that represent most Australians.

Public Service Rally Front O’Farrell Government

Taxpayer funded rally saw 30,000 Labor party faithful public servants march on the NSW O’Farrell Liberal government. Implimenting policy they platformed at their landslide annihilation of the corrupt inefficent Labor Government 16 year destruction of NSW, O’Farrell has the mandate of the people to prune the massive public service millstone on the state budget. Brumbyy attended that rally and reports …  

“Government silencing media publishing political damaging facts confirms corrupt government liars”

You may smile today, the broadband TOTAL control of Australian internet will be the tool used by politicians to silence cyberspace… not on our watch … “Let the Games Begin”