Supress the voice of AustraliansThe boomerang Brief is the new blog site for SOS-NEWS www.sosnews.org , replacing the original blog www.sosnews.org/newsfront nucleaus of Australian freedom fighters operating in the interest of you the people from many individual websites and blogs for over a decade.

Hosting many generations of Australians who have come together in a final attempt to replace the peril of this nations self destruction by out of control government and radical Greens movement with agenda to remove your freedom, land holding and farming of our food security to fit their mould of some kind of world government.

Each of us have an opinion [for the moment that is until their legislation stops that] we offer you factual information to form such an opinion.

The salvation of Australia is in your hands as a voter, but are we too late for the political party faithful have allowed this to eventuate, politicians do not get power by themaselves, it is given by the voters.

Are you waiting until your children do not have food, clothing, nor a roof over their heads. If it takes that to turn your head then the end has arrived.