COLONG FOUNDATION – Slaughter Herritage Horses

Keith Muir, well known agenda engineer activist pushing the Colong Foundation greenie and government funded fiction manufacture group, still wants our Australian heritage horse – “THE BRUMBY”  to be slaughtered.  He wants helicopter gun ships across National Parks and Forests to repeat the 2000 Guy Fawkes slaughter of some 260 Brumbies left to die from horrific gunshot wounds set in place by Muir’s obsession to eradicate this national icon … Hear Brumbyy (with2y’s) deliver his comments that represent most Australians.


Public Service Rally Front O’Farrell Government

Taxpayer funded rally saw 30,000 Labor party faithful public servants march on the NSW O’Farrell Liberal government. Implimenting policy they platformed at their landslide annihilation of the corrupt inefficent Labor Government 16 year destruction of NSW, O’Farrell has the mandate of the people to prune the massive public service millstone on the state budget. Brumbyy attended that rally and reports …  

“Government silencing media publishing political damaging facts confirms corrupt government liars”

You may smile today, the broadband TOTAL control of Australian internet will be the tool used by politicians to silence cyberspace… not on our watch … “Let the Games Begin”

Canberra Rally Huge Success

The people have spoken “ms gillard”, your arrogance noted, we welcome you, and your Labor party dictators to the begining of your demise along with your Greens conspirators agenda to destroy Australia from within. All the spin your public servants delivered that the rally was a flop will be reflected in the polls when you are dragged there … SCREAMING !!!

SOS-NEWS reporter “Brumbyy” interviewed at the Canberra Truckie “Convoy of No Confidence” to Canberra [CLICK TO LISTEN]

Brumbyy Comments iphone download [CLICK TO LISTEN]

Welcome to the Boomerang Brief

As John Howard is so eloquently depicted as asking, “are you happy now?”  That question may be rhetorical, but successively this nation is being driven downwards like never before in its history.

 We as the people have to be vigilant.  We have to be vociferous against political wrong.  We have to be heard well beyond each election.  Yet still this very day, this nation trembles in fear at the incredible sell out of their constituents by a couple of Independents; the sell off of a nation by incompetent double-speak politicians plying for UN jobs;  the fire-sale of this Nation’s soul by lying elected quasi professional politicians; and still we struggle to mass at the altars of the people’s word.

In 1985 45,000 farmers marched on Canberra.  In 2011 just 2,500 true Oz citizens crossed this nation from all corners in support of this our dying country; yet only weeks thereafter, the public (self-serving) servants of NSW, the people with the best of everything in a general societal way, massed by the tens of thousands in Sydney because their future pay packet was going to be denied a right to excessive growth.

The “Boomerang Brief” is SOS-NEW’s next leap into the politically incorrect sea of dissent against the politically sanctioned tyranny of a nation of people who never once signed their rights away; never voted for a sound, solid and proud  Constitution to be bastardised; never voted for the United Nations to rule Australian law and in a sense of fair go; never voted for unfettered radical environmentalism to become the tool of subjugation  – and are truly fed up with there being no such thing as a level playing field in global commerce.

The “Boomerang Brief” may well be labelled the home of the discontented, the populists, but it is always the home of the true and patriotic Australian and we make no apology for calling the bastard, a bastard.